Culross was founded in 1992 in London. At its outset, the firm’s main focus was trading fixed income portfolios of cash instruments and derivatives for our clients. During the course of the 1990s we broadened those portfolios to include various alternative investments and in January 2000 we launched our first fund of funds, the Culross Global Fund. This thematic fund remains our firm’s flagship vehicle with over 24 years of unbroken track record.

In 2001 we launched our second fund, the Culross Absolute Defensive Fund (originally known as the Culross Arbitrage Fund), a low volatility, market neutral fund designed to be a safe haven fund.

From time to time we have launched opportunistic vehicles targeting a specific thematic investment story with a finite life of usually 3-5 years. Past examples invested in Japan in 2003, post-GFC distressed assets, US financials and RMBS post-2009.

Alongside our funds, we manage substantial separate managed accounts for individual clients. These SMAs represent bespoke solutions tailored to the client’s individual requirements. We have built an advanced software platform to create and manage these SMAs where we can offer a combination of specific theme exposures, bespoke portfolios and access to any combination of our managers.